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                       Identificação e otimização de processos de captação de terrenos para gerar grandes negócios. Assista uma demonstração do nosso aplicativo em https://youtu.be/d0dTGrMPrKE.

Lots of Ground Intelligence

Radiography of the piece of land through integrated information tools.

Property Development

Developed solutions through specialists, for the optimum use of the land.

Management and Marketing

Land Bank administration and business relationship.

Type of Land

We classify and structure the types of lands according to their vocations, for better valuation. Geographic, engineering / architectural, documentary, legal and commercial features generate a logical, metric and business presentation. The platform allows a better understanding of the land and its assets, which generates more safety and agility for the investor-buyer and owner-seller.
Lots in Condos, Lots and Allotments
Farms and Allotments
Popular Residential Enterprises
Logistic Halls, Malls and Street Malls
Residential and Commercial Buildings
Wholesale&Retail, Supermarkets and Parking Lots
Beaches and Islands
Hotels and Resorts
Sports Arenas, Events and Fitness Centers
Schools, Colleges and Campuses
Mining Assets, Environmental Compensation Areas
Solar and Wind Power Plants
Pharmacies and Laboratories Networks

Focus on Lands, Lots and Areas

Specialized in land, lots and areas, we promote real, objective and reliable information for a decision making based on careful analysis, in an organized way, with easy understanding and usability.

Financial Solutions

Specific operations for working capital, through refinancing of own assets. We offer reduced installments due to the long term, which allows us to offer substantial amounts to clients with limited capital.

Intelligent Information Platform

With the lack of structure and organization for relevant information on land, lots and areas, we have created an agile, reliable and assertive platform for these assets, which often do not receive the necessary importance. Our platform has several data layers, where we concentrate information from financial, legal, geographical entities and more. In addition, various technological interfaces (API`s) provide the user with better interactivity and ease of use.

Corporate Business Opportunities

Exclusivity with excellence in business development, from project design, monitoring, delivery, marketing and management. We add value to our clients' assets, promoting increased profitability, reliability and transparency.

Excellence in Partnerships, Services and Business

We select strategic business partners for the development of each type of project or service, on a basis with experienced market players in their varied disciplines.

Be a Partner

Realizing the market need for the structuring of land and its assets, TC sought a new business model, which offers all stages of structuring, engineering, business and incorporations, besides counting on an advanced land bank information platform.



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